Uncover primary receptors and off-targets

Retrogenix’s cell microarray technology is the most powerful solution for identifying the specific human plasma membrane proteins that are targeted by antibodies, proteins, small molecules, viruses and other ligands.  We discover high quality, exploitable drug targets and mechanisms of action for our global pharmaceutical clients as well as screening for potential off-targets to inform lead selection and assist with safety assessment.

  • High success rates
  • High specificity
  • Low false positive rates
  • Rapid turnaround (6-8 weeks)

Our unrivalled technology identifies interactions with cell surface receptors by screening test ligands for binding against over 4,500 full length proteins that are individually over-expressed in human cells.  This physiologically-relevant system, coupled with our broad coverage of the plasma membrane proteome, allows even low affinity interactions to be detected with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

Retrogenix works with small biotechs and leading academic groups through to major pharmaceutical companies, currently helping fourteen of the world’s top fifteen drug developers to bring new therapeutics to market faster.

Working with Retrogenix was a breeze. We had great communication with the Retrogenix team along the entire process of our protein screen and they always delivered. Their membrane protein library is a great tool for discovering novel cell surface interaction partners.
Dr. Joseph Smith, Center for Infectious Disease Research, Seattle, WA