Key applications of cell microarray technology

Target deconvolution

of phenotypic molecules to identify new disease-relevant drug targets

Receptor identification

for natural protein ligands, peptides or viruses, providing critical breakthroughs in research

Identification of immune checkpoint receptors

to identify novel drug targets and mechanisms for immuno-therapy development

Off-target screening of biotherapeutics

for safety assessment and lead selection

CAR-T cell cross-reactivity screening

to confirm specificity of engineered whole T-cells

Hit validation & follow-on analysis

follow-on flow cytometry screening

Identifying precisely how a biological or chemical entity interacts with the human cell is fundamental to furthering our understanding of both normal biological and disease processes as well as revealing the mechanism of action of drugs and their potential for toxicity.

The Retrogenix technology is versatile across a range of applications identifying both primary receptors and secondary cell surface targets for a multitude of different ligands including antibodies, peptides, proteins and small molecules as well as more complex ligands like viruses, whole cells or organelles and even plasma samples from patients.

We have successfully screened a wide range of different molecules including:

Antibodies & Related Molecules
mAbs and bispecifics

Antibody fragments (e.g. ScFv, Fabs, DARPins and mimetics)

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)

Fc-fusion proteins
Complex Ligands
Whole cells including CAR-T Cells


Proteins / Peptides
His-, V5- or Flag-tagged, Biotinylated

Directly fluorescently conjugated

Protein-specific secondaries, Polyclonal antisera

Purified and media supernatants

Monomers & multimers
Small Molecules
3H-labelled small molecules
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We are delighted with the work that Retrogenix has done for us. Their technology has been extremely useful in identifying and confirming the cell surface interaction partners for our antibodies and other protein ligands. The work is always carried out to a high quality standard and turned around in good time.
Dr Ralph Minter, Fellow - Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering – Technology, MedImmune