CAR T cell specificity screening: presentation at PEGS


Retrogenix’s human cell microarray technology is extensively used in specificity screening for a variety of biologics, including peptides, antibodies and ScFvs. It is also the only platform capable of screening CAR T cells and other cell therapies for off-target binding.

At the upcoming PEGS Europe meeting, Dr Mark Aspinall-O’Dea will present the technology; firstly describing its use in identifying novel, druggable targets and creating valuable IP. Industry case studies will then demonstrate how cell microarray screening has contributed to safety assessment and provided key data to support IND submissions for novel cell therapies.

To find out more about our CAR T cell specificity screening please see our applications page.

We will also be exhibiting at PEGS and welcome discussions with delegates throughout the event. If you are not able to attend the meeting but wish to arrange a presentation via webinar please do get in touch.

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