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CAR-TCR Summit

| Boston, MA
CAR-TCR Summit 2017 (logo)

Retrogenix is delighted to be contributing to the scientific programme of the dedicated T cell immunotherapies conference – the CAR-TCR Summit – in Boston, MA, in September.

The conference brings together over 500 attendees from across pharma, biotech and academia who are engaged in developing and delivering the next generation CAR T and TCR cell immunotherapies.

Retrogenix’s presentation will discuss how target specificity screening of CAR T cells is assisting with safety assessment and describe how the utility of the human cell microarray technology has been expanded from simply screening antibodies and ScFvs to screening whole engineered CAR T cells.

Both scientists and members of our business development team will be available throughout the meeting to explore the latest technology developments as well as discuss individual CAR T screening projects.

For further information on the event, please visit the CAR-TCR conference website.