Focusing on the target at DoT, Boston


Cell microarray screening of plasma membrane and tethered secreted proteins that are expressed in human cells enables rapid discovery of primary receptors as well as potential off-targets for a variety of biologics including: peptides, antibodies, proteins, CAR T and other cell therapies.

Join us at Discovery on Target to hear case studies demonstrating the utility of the Retrogenix technology in identifying novel, druggable targets as well as in specificity screening to aid safety assessment and provide key data to support IND submissions.

‘Uncovering novel receptor targets and assessing target specificity against human membrane and secreted proteins’
Alex Kelly, US Business Development Manager, Retrogenix Limited
3.55pm, Wednesday 18th September

Further details about this year’s Discovery on Target event can be found on the conference website. ┬áTo talk to us about a project please get in touch.