Further expansion of high quality screening library


We are delighted to announce the launch of the highest quality and largest screening library…


Now covering more than 6,200 full-length, native non-tagged human proteins expressed in human cells, the Retrogenix library now includes a unique set of more than 370 heterodimeric human receptors, as well as an uplift in the number of monomeric human plasma membrane proteins and secreted proteins.

Our screening set allows an even more complete assessment of off-target liability of our clients’ molecules, and will further enhance our exceptional success rates for receptor deorphanization.

Key features of the expanded library:

  • Unique and largest human protein library containing monomeric and heterodimeric membrane proteins as well as secreted proteins
  • Highest quality protein library developed using an advanced proprietary bioinformatics approach, using feedback from industry collaborators
  • Provides robust specificity data for FDA, EMA, NMPA & PMDA submissions
  • Rapid project turnaround – molecules can be fully profiled against the expanded library in as little as 3 weeks
  • Validated & trusted technology – our cell microarray has been the industry leading platform for receptor deorphanization and specificity screening of biotherapeutics for >10 years

Download our posters on the new heterodimer library and the secreted protein library.

Further details on our extensive expression libraries, including coverage of the plasma membrane proteome and secreted proteins can be found here:

High quality library