Jim Freeth discusses off-target screening at San Diego Biotech Symposium


Retrogenix’s Managing Director, Dr Jim Freeth, will present at the 24th Annual Biotech Symposium, held next week in San Diego, CA. The event, hosted by Charles River Laboratories, aims to provide an interactive setting to discuss the nonclinical development of biotherapeutics, including regulatory issues and innovative approaches to problem solving.

Jim has been invited to present on target specificity screening of antibodies, ScFvs, and cell therapies (including CAR T).

Although early screening for off-target receptor interactions can increase confidence in the specificity of a biotherapeutic, or provide opportunities to understand and manage the potential risk of toxicity, the burden of generating false negatives and positives using standard protein array techniques often hinders accurate assessment of off-target liability. By comparison, human cell microarray technology provides a high likelihood of identifying true cell surface off-targets, and a notably low rate of false positives, due to overexpression of human membrane receptors within a human cell system. The case studies in this presentation will demonstrate the technology and how it is providing key data prior to regulatory submissions.

“Specificity Assessment of Antibodies and CAR-T Cells Using Human Cell Microarray Technology”
Dr Jim Freeth
Wednesday 12th September, 10.35am

For further information about the event, please visit the conference website.