Off-target screening on the agenda at CAR-TCR Boston

Chimeric antigen receptor CAR-T-cell

Now in its 5th year, CAR-TCR Boston brings together over 1,000 industry leaders from pharma, biotech, regulatory bodies and academia. Retrogenix is once again supporting the event and is contributing to discussions on state-of-the-art safety assessment of cell-based therapies.

Join us in the ‘Discovery’ session on Thursday 12th September at 1.30pm for:

“Screening CAR T cells for target specificity using human cell microarray technology”
Jim Freeth PhD, Co-managing Director, Retrogenix Limited

Case studies will highlight the utility of cell microarray technology in specificity screening of whole engineered CAR T cells, in addition to antibodies and ScFvs. This efficient approach supports safety assessment and provides key data prior to IND submissions for novel cell therapies.

We will also be exhibiting at CAR-TCR Boston! Alex Kelly – our US Business Development Manager – will be on hand for discussions with delegates throughout the event.

If you are not attending and wish to contact a member of our team then please get in touch.