Off-target screening results presented at PepTalk

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This month’s PepTalk conference, held in San Diego, CA, provided a fantastic opportunity to share results from recent screens and for the Retrogenix team to talk to fellow delegates about their challenges in drug discovery and development.

Alex Kelly’s presentation detailed how the cell microarray technology is identifying critical receptor targets early in drug discovery as well as assisting with specificity screening at later stages.

“We are fortunate to be able to discuss some exciting results which have led to recent filings for patent protection as well as highlighting studies that contribute to nonclinical assessment of safety prior to biologics license applications. Although most of our studies remain confidential, the body of evidence supporting the cell microarray methodology continues to grow,” said Dr Jim Freeth, Co-managing Director, Retrogenix.

Further details from two studies can be found in the accompanying poster entitled, “Off-target screening against human plasma membrane proteins confirms target specificity, or uncovers relevant secondary receptors.” Download a copy to learn how the Retrogenix approach is being applied to identify specific and relevant off-targets with a very low rate of false positive results.

Download poster