Download our recent poster presentations to see the impact of Retrogenix’s target deconvolution, receptor identification and off-target screening work.

Screening the secretome for off-target binding

As secreted proteins are not naturally localised on the cell surface, novel constructs which result in expression of ‘secreted’ proteins that are tethered to the plasma membrane have been developed and tested. Extensive validation work confirmed proof of principle and led to the development of the ‘high confidence’ library of secreted proteins now included in cell microarray screening….

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Confirm target specificity/ uncover off-targets

This poster presents data from two off-target screens showing how the Retrogenix approach rapidly identifies specific and relevant off-targets with a very low rate of false positive results. The first study demonstrates target specificity and the second uncovers a previously unidentified, critical off-target…

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CAR T cell specificity screening poster

Download our SOT 2017 poster describing the how the Retrogenix human cell microarray technology has been optimised to screen whole CAR T cells for specific interactions, reducing the risk of unanticipated off-target adverse effects in the development of novel immunotherapies and providing essential supporting data for pre-IND safety assessment.

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Immune checkpoint poster

Download a recent poster presented at PEGS Boston to see some typical results from a cell microarray screen and learn how the Retrogenix technology can assist with immune checkpoint pairing.

Further examples of the applications of the cell microarray technology can also be found in the case studies resource on this website.

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Antibody off-target screening poster

Biologics such as antibodies are widely favoured in drug discovery due to their inherent potential for specificity to a single target antigen. Despite this, off-target mediated toxicity could present an issue for a subset of antibodies and other molecules in development. Download our PEGS 2017 poster to learn how the Retrogenix human cell microarray technology approach is being applied to identify specific and relevant off-targets with a very low rate of false positive results.

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Watch our animation

Retrogenix expresses thousands of full-length human proteins in the context of human cells in order to detect relevant interactions with test molecules.

The animation on this website provides an overview of how we set up the cell microarrays and use the technology to identify primary receptors targets and off-targets for a wide variety of ligands.

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Thank you again for your professionalism, for a fine analysis, and for our enjoyable scientific exchanges.
Professor Gunnar Lindahl, Lund University, Sweden
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