Retrogenix enhance their membrane protein screening technology

Setting up for microarray spotting at Retrogenix

Biotechnology company Retrogenix are pleased to announce a significant enhancement to their powerful plasma membrane protein screening technology.

By generating the world’s largest collection of plasma membrane proteins, individually expressed in human cells, the company’s technology had already proved itself extremely effective in determining which cell surface proteins are targeted by their clients’ molecules, including antibodies, small molecules and viruses. Today, Retrogenix announce a significant expansion to their screening collection by more than 1000 human plasma membrane proteins.

Dr Jim Freeth, Managing Director of Retrogenix comments “Our technology has been successful in identifying the receptor or membrane target for 60% of the molecules we have screened which, we believe, far surpasses any other current technology. This extension will significantly improve our success rate as we continue to get closer to our ultimate goal of the whole human plasma membrane proteome”.

Retrogenix’s collection now exceeds 3500 full-length expression clones, covering approximately 2500 different plasma membrane proteins, with many proteins represented by multiple variants. The full 3500 set will be marketed as the company’s ‘Premium’ plasma membrane protein collection.

Notes to Editors

Retrogenix Ltd was formed in 2008, and utilizes its powerful Cell Microarray technology to support the drug discovery process in Pharmaceutical companies. The technology identifies novel drug targets by deciphering which of the body’s proteins are targeted by compounds, proteins, antibodies and viruses.

Retrogenix are now based in Whaley Bridge, Peak District, UK. All enquiries to be directed to and for further information see