Retrogenix extends collaboration with BioInvent

Cell culture at Retrogenix

Biotechnology company Retrogenix is pleased to announce an extension to its collaboration with Swedish-based antibody pharmaceutical company BioInvent International AB.

For the past 12 months, Retrogenix has used its advanced cell microarray technology to decipher which membrane proteins are targeted by a pool of antibodies developed by BioInvent using its F.I.R.S.TTM technology. Retrogenix’s technology has proved to be effective, identifying the targets of the majority of the antibodies profiled.

Björn Frendéus, Vice President of Pre-clinical Research at BioInvent comments “We are very happy with our collaboration with Retrogenix, and how their platform has delivered”.

Based upon the success of the collaboration to date, both companies have now agreed to extend their collaboration. This will allow Retrogenix to continue to support certain of BioInvent’s on-going activities.

Says Jim Freeth, Managing Director at Retrogenix “We are pleased that our technology has performed so well, and has delivered real value to BioInvent’s pre-clinical programmes. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with BioInvent”.

Notes to Editors

Retrogenix Ltd was formed in 2008, and utilizes its powerful Cell Microarray technology to support the drug discovery process in Pharmaceutical companies. The technology identifies novel drug targets by deciphering which of the body’s proteins are targeted by compounds, proteins, antibodies and viruses.

Retrogenix are now based in Whaley Bridge, Peak District, UK. All enquiries to be directed to and for further information see