Retrogenix invited to present on target deconvolution and safety screening

Double Helix

Dr Mark Aspinall-O’Dea will be speaking on day one of the upcoming Eighth Annual Biologics Symposium hosted by Envigo. The event runs from 1st – 2nd October in London, UK.

Mark’s presentation is entitled:

“Identifying critical target receptors and assessing specificity of biologics using cell microarray technology”
3.15pm – Monday 1st October

Historically, deconvoluting the targets of phenotypic molecules has presented a major challenge in drug development due to the low likelihood of successfully identifying a primary receptor coupled with the high rate of false positive results that could be generated. However, efficient identification of the true cell surface targets of antibodies and other ligands is now possible through the use of highly specific cell microarray screening.

This presentation describes the use of human cell microarray technology in both primary receptor identification and in off-target profiling. Data for a variety of ligands (including antibodies, proteins, peptides, engineered cells and small molecules), will provide examples relevant to lead selection of phenotypic antibodies, the discovery of novel immunotherapy targets and the generation of data which supports safety assessment prior to IND submissions.

For more information about the event please visit the conference website. To arrange a presentation of the Retrogenix technology via web conference please get in touch.  

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