Retrogenix presents at CAR-TCR Asia

CAR TCR Asia Summit

Dr Mark Aspinall-O’Dea will present at the CAR-TCR Summit Asia, which is being held this week in Shanghai, China. The event brings together leaders in therapeutic drug development to discuss the latest clinical data emerging in Asia, focusing on the effects of ethnicity on safety and efficacy.

‘Screening CAR T cells for target specificity using Human Cell Microarray Technology’
Mark Aspinall-O’Dea, Retrogenix
5.15pm, Wednesday 19th June

Mark will describe how the human cell microarray technology is used for off-target screening of whole engineered CAR T cells, as well as precursor antibodies and ScFvs. He will discuss how specificity screening supports safety assessment and provides key data prior to IND submissions.

For more information, please download the poster that will be presented at CAR-TCR Asia:

‘Safety assessment of cell therapies prior to regulatory submission – Specificity screening of scFvs, mAbs and whole CAR T cells’

Download poster