Retrogenix presents at European Antibody Congress

European Antibody Congress 2017

Retrogenix will, once again, be supporting the European Antibody Congress in Basel, Switzerland. The event, which runs from 31st October – 2nd November, focuses on innovation and commercialisation within the antibody field, with an emphasis on new technologies and platforms to improve antibody development.

Dr Jim Freeth will be contributing to the session on discovery and analytics on the first day of the conference. His talk will focus on a unique and powerful approach that is widely used in pharmaceutical discovery to identify specific receptor interactions, including identifying receptors for immune check-point ligands. Examples of how the technology is used in off-target safety assessment for antibodies, ADCs, scFvs and whole CAR T cells will also be presented.

A roundtable session, led by Retrogenix, will also provide the opportunity for meeting attendees to discuss best practice in assessing the off-target liabilities of biotherapeutics.

Please find us at the Retrogenix exhibition stand!

Dr Mark Aspinall-O’Dea will also be attending the event and welcomes discussions with delegates on how cell microarray technology is assisting with target deconvolution following phenotypic screening and supporting safety assessment through off-target profiling.