Keeping pace with rising global demand


We are delighted to announce new expansions within Retrogenix.


Following our 2018 relocation to a new business park in the heart of the UK’s Peak District, we have now expanded again into a third building, increasing our state-of-the-art laboratory space. This will house our growing FACS facility, and the molecular biology capabilities that are responsible for the on-going development of our unique screening libraries.

This expansion is due to a continued growth in demand for our cell microarray technology for receptor identification and off-target assessment, widely used in biologics and CAR T regulatory submissions (often as a replacement for tissue cross reactivity screening).

Alongside our new facilities, we are also delighted to have expanded our skilled workforce, which increased by 20% in the past month alone.

We are also set to launch our highest quality and largest screening library yet, which has recently been expanded to more than 6,200 human plasma membrane and secreted proteins. Details of the new and improved library are coming soon. 

Read more about our extensive protein library here.