‘Secreted’ protein library – Retrogenix makes major advance in off-target assessment

Molecules and Receptors

For nearly a decade, Retrogenix’s human cell microarray technology has provided reliable data for lead selection and the assessment of potential off-target binding against human plasma membrane proteins. However, due to the importance of also identifying and understanding off-target binding to proteins that are secreted from the cell, the capabilities of the platform have been extended to include human secreted proteins, whilst maintaining a robust, high quality screen with a low rate of false positive results.

A more comprehensive off-target screen

Retrogenix’s cell microarray libraries now have >5,500 proteins for screening which is the largest set of plasma membrane and secreted proteins expressed in human cells. As data from our specificity screens are used to support IND submissions it has been essential to ensure that the technology retains its high success rates throughout this expansion so that it now provides even greater confidence when assessing the specificity of a novel biotherapeutic or cell therapy.

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Screening the secretome

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