Specificity screening strategies to be presented at CAR-TCR Summit Asia

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Can CAR T specificity be extrapolated from scFv off-target screens?

If you are attending CAR-TCR Summit Asia in Singapore later this month then please join us for the session on ‘safety and efficacy’ where Jim Freeth will be discussing target specificity screening for engineered T cells.

Jim will describe how human cell microarray technology has been optimised for screening CAR T cells and present interesting data comparing off-target studies conducted on whole T cells with analyses on scFvs and antibodies. Industry case studies will highlight the role of the technology in safety assessment and in generating key data for regulatory submissions.

‘Screening CAR T cells for target specificity using human cell microarray technology’
 Dr Jim Freeth, Co-managing Director, Retrogenix Limited
3pm, Wednesday 27th June

The CAR-TCR Asia event is dedicated to the global delivery of safe, effective and commercially successful CAR-T and TCR cell therapies for both liquid and solid tumour indications. We will be exhibiting at the conference and welcome discussions throughout the event. If you would like to book a meeting, or arrange for a presentation of our technology via web conference, then please get in touch:

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