Dr Jim Freeth


Dr Jim Freeth co-founded Retrogenix following 10+ years in management within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Within Retrogenix, Jim plays a key role in establishing and managing interactions with commercial and academic clients, and oversees the company’s marketing activities.

Jim is a biologist by training, obtaining his PhD at the University of Manchester, UK, in 1997. Following two years at the gene therapy company Oxford Biomedica (Oxford UK), Jim moved to AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals in 2000. At AstraZeneca, Jim led multi-disciplinary technology development projects and managed several external biotechnology collaborations, delivering valuable technologies into the business. Subsequently, Jim worked in the Osteoarthritis and Analgesia therapeutic areas, where he introduced and progressed numerous projects within AstraZeneca’s Discovery portfolio.

Jim has a thorough understanding of the drug discovery process and its key challenges and, in particular, he has had a long-standing involvement and interest in phenotypic drug discovery and target deconvolution. He has contributed to several high impact peer-reviewed scientific publications and is regularly invited to speak at international conferences.